Larry Zellers, Hair Replacement Specialist

Imagine a day when you can wake up to consistent, "Good Hair Days" and eliminate the stresses of daily hair turmoil over hair styling.

I have always been fascinated by all the glamour and high fashion of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The outfits were always complete and the hair was always finished. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Elizabeth Taylor never left the house with “bed head” after all. For people that suffer with hair loss it is easy to lose one’s sense of glamour and self confidence. Just like a boomerang once that was lost can now be retrieved. I can help restore the glamour in your life!

Imagine a day when you can wake up to consistent, “Good Hair Days” and eliminate the stresses of daily hair turmoil over hair styling. Finally, there is a line of hair replacements that best duplicates your naturally growing hair. Feel free to part the hair and enjoy multiple hair styles without fear of the “Hair Helmet look” of traditional dense, wefted “Wigs”. Each hair replacement has a realistic balance of hair density. My hair replacements are made of the softest texture both inside and out. Most people feel it is better than their own hair. Your new hair from Larry Zellers will put you on the cutting edge. The most difficult part of wearing your new hair replacement will be dealing with all the compliments that you will be receiving.

I am available as a guest speaker for women’s groups and support groups, as well as customizing individual hair replacements. I will also be available for private conventioneer functions as a guest speaker.

I am excited to share information, solutions and services with you in mind. Regardless if your needs are medical or non medical, I can help you look your best for any occasion. You can always feel confident with the superior materials I use in all my products as well as my dedication to education and personal service.

News & Articles

Look Your Best When You Suffer From Hair Loss

Larry Zellers, Master Hairstylist and Owner of Boomerang Hair Studio, has relocated his hair salon to 230 Grand Avenue in Pacific Grove. Zellers is a trained specialist in hair replacement and education as well as traditional hair salon services, including the new...

Hair Peace

Larry Zellers uses his Boomerang Hair Studio to help locals find acceptance and relief. By: Erin Pipes Larry Zellers crafted no fewer than 29 wigs for PacRep’s new production of Hairspray, which opened last month at the Golden Bough Theater. But the job didn’t...

Caring for Your Human Hair Replacement

Shampooing and Conditioning Always brush out all tangles before wetting the hair. Gently brush out the hair with a vent brush, starting at the bottom. Work slowly from the end of the hair up toward the top, always brushing in a downward direction. Never force tangles....

Caring for Your Synthetic Hair Replacement

Shampooing and Conditioning Brush your synthetic Hair Replacement gently using the recommended brush, which was designed for synthetic fiber. Fill a basin with cold water. Never use hot, warm or lukewarm water. Place two capfuls of LaGem Turquoise Clarifying Shampoo...

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Human Hair Replacements PROS: Ability to change color and curl Ability to use heat for styling: blow dryers, curling iron, flat iron, hot rollers, etc Feels like your own hair, or better CONS: Requires some styling ability Greater expense   Synthetic Hair...