Shampooing and Conditioning

Brush your synthetic Hair Replacement gently using the recommended brush, which was designed for synthetic fiber.

Fill a basin with cold water. Never use hot, warm or lukewarm water.

Place two capfuls of LaGem Turquoise Clarifying Shampoo in the water and mix gently, being careful to keep foam bubbles to a minimum.

Place the Hair Replacement into the basin and soak for 2-30 minutes. Do not swirl, scrub or brush the Hair Replacement while wet.

Replace water in basin, submerge synthetic Hair Replacement repeatedly until totally rinsed. Blot dry your synthetic Hair Replacement with a dry towel. Do not squeeze or twist the Hair Replacement.

Place your Hair Replacement on a wire drying rack until completely dry.

Mist your synthetic Hair Replacement generously with LaGem Turquoise Kinetic Conditioning.

Use your fingers to gently position the fiber into the desired style and proceed to let air dry completely (approximately 2 hours). Do not use a brush until totally dry and never use a blower (hot or cold).

When your synthetic Hair Replacement is totally dry, proceed to gently brush into finalized style, etc.

Caution: Wash your synthetic Hair Replacement as little as possible. Your Hair Replacement has been prestyled during manufacturing. Do not use a hair dryer or curling iron. Protect you synthetic Hair Replacement from heat when cooking. This fiber cannot be colored, toned, etc.

LaGem Hair Care Products have been especially formulated for synthetic fiber. I strongly recommend not using typical hair products for your synthetic Hair Replacement.


General Maintenance

Always store your Hair Replacement on a Styrofoam head block, wire drying rack or roll of unused paper towel.

Most wearers can go at least 10 to 14 days between shampoos.

Synthetic fibers can develop minor tangling and matting of the hair during brushing, shampooing, friction against the shoulders and neck, etc. This is natural. Tangles can be combed out carefully. Your hair has been specially treated to help minimize the possibility of tangling; however, if excessive matting does occur, remove the tangles using a vent brush, working slowly and gently from the ends and working up, always brushing in a downward direction. A small amount of conditioner may need to be applied to facilitate easier “comb outs”. Never force a tangle or a knot. If excessive tangling continues to occur, contact us.

Never store your Hair Replacement near a heat source above 120 degrees. Storing on top of a lamp, for example, can damage the base.

Sunlight fades all hair, whether it is your own or a replacement. Since the hair in your replacement does not grow and renew, protect it from unnecessary exposure to sunlight.

Sleeping in the Hair Replacement on a regular basis is hard on the hair and fiber. This will reduce the life of the Hair Replacement.

Your hair replacement will naturally lose hair over time. Having it repaired promptly will lengthen its life.