Most women’s greatest concern after loosing a significant amount of hair is intimacy, especially during Chemo therapy treatment. Here are a few suggestions I’m sure will help.

You must not only take your feelings into consideration. After years of waking up to you with a full head of hair, a bald head in the morning can be quite shocking. Use soft, light weight sleeping caps or turbans. The material will help keep your head warm threw out the night.

I think laughter is the best medicine. Try wearing your hair piece backwards, or have your bedroom partner try it on.

Mix it up with a little role playing using inexpensive wigs in a multitude of colors, textures, and lengths. Have fun and you may find a new look that inspirers both of you.

Finally, purchase face and nape framing hair pieces to wear under a hat, cap, the “HALO” of hair is a light weight alternative to a full hair piece. Your casual style will look much more feminine and finished.